Mental Health First Aid:
Building Literacy, Removing Stigma

2Succeed: Recovery through Learning & Working

Mental Health Goes Online: myStrength.com extends care 24/7/365

American society reveres its first responders—those courageous women and men who dedicate their lives to providing professional help to others threatened by injury, sudden illness and potential harm. Most of us know what to do in an emergency if someone near us is injured or physically distressed. However, few of us know how to react when someone in our midst is experiencing a mental health crisis.

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Nearly a quarter century ago, the Mental Health Center of Denver began to lay that antiquated notion to rest.  Each year, the 2Succeed program helps hundreds of mental health consumers find jobs and further their education. In 2013, that number reached 1,300.

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They call it “the health club for your mind.” myStrength.com and myStrength Mobile are digital resources that provide on-demand mental health support, exercises and tools customized to each individual user.

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