Building Stronger Communities Through Mental Wellness

Mental well-being is critical to the overall health of our community.

Watch the video to learn about the prevalence of mental illness and find out how Mental Health Center of Denver is leading the nation in helping people face their challenges to lead healthier, more productive lives. Look below to learn more about our positive impact on the community.

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A Foundation of Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness Infographic


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Fact: 1 in 5 people are living with a mental health issue. Learn how to respond to those in a mental health crisis. Sign up for a Mental Health First Aid Class.



The Value of Mental Wellness



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Taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, is important for overall wellness. Improve your mental health and get a personalized action plan at


Making a Positive Impact



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At the Mental Health Center of Denver, we help people of all ages overcome challenges related to mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness and other personal crisis. Join us for an open house to learn how the individuals we are helping are part of a stronger, healthier community.

The Mental Health Center of Denver has staff in more than 60 sites throughout Denver, reaching more than 13,000 children, families and adults each year. With more than 100 active partnerships and community support, our efforts are paying off. 


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