The Four Measures of Recovery

Learn how each instrument addresses recovery from various views with this short video.

We know our services work because we have the outcomes to prove that our consumers recover. Join us in using valid instruments to measures mental health recovery.

Our four instruments measure recovery from multiple perspectives and dimensions. Partners of Reaching Recovery use one or all four of the instruments to link outcomes to service effectiveness and system transformation. This process gives centers a comprehensive picture and standardized method for examining effectiveness of services and outcomes. 

Data is entered into a web-based system where it can be shared and discussed among staff, consumers, and other Reaching Recovery partners.  The web-based system is currently in beta form with our current partners.  The process is secure and HIPAA-compliant. Reports of the data demonstrate change over time and inform daily clinical practice by demonstrating which practices are most effective in promoting recovery. The forms are short to minimize time and we’re using state-of-the art technology to embed the instruments into staff’s workflow. The reports of the data are easy for staff to access and to understand.

Have more questions about the instruments? Get those questions answered with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Promoting Recovery in Organizations
How do you know if your staff are delivering recovery-focused services?   


The Promoting Recovery in Organizations: PRO Survey enables community mental health centers to evaluate their staff's recovery-oriented skills. This process of evaluation is designed to identify and learn from specific areas of recovery strengths within an organization and to pin-point areas for improvement. 

Click here to learn how one community mental health center is using the results of the PRO Survey to enhance their delivery of services.