Finding Well-Being Through Art

When guests and residents enter the Mental Health Center of Denver’s Sanderson Apartments, they’re greeted by a new, vibrant piece of art behind the front desk.

And it’s all thanks to Joanne Cessar, a person who receives services from the organization.

“I love expressing myself,” she said. “The bright colors represent my bright personality.”

The Impact of Creativity

Creativity has a been a significant factor in enhancing Joanne’s well-being.

“Art has helped me through my recovery of substance abuse,” she said. “Art gives me the primary opportunity to express my feelings through the bright, vibrant colors.”

Last April, the Mental Health Center of Denver held a contest among all people receiving services to showcase the winner’s artwork in Sanderson Apartments. The building provides permanent supportive housing for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in Denver.

Because of its bright, cheerful look, Joanne’s piece won. Then, it was replicated on vinyl and installed after the apartments opened in August.

“Art gives my mind a chance to be free from everyday worries,” she said.

Art Programs at the Mental Health Center of Denver

The Mental Health Center of Denver has art programs at several locations. And, they’re geared toward individuals of all ages.

For example, adults create paintings, sculptures and other forms of art at 2Succeed in Education & Employment’s art studio. They have access to free materials and art instruction.

And adolescents and young adults have access to creative outlets, too. Emerson St. for Teens & Young Adults offers drawing, painting, creative writing and more. In addition, the Voz y Corazón Suicide Prevention Program provides culturally sensitive mentoring and suicide prevention services through school-based programs.

And, young children participate in art programs at Dahlia Campus for Health and & Well-Being.

Wondering how you can get involved? You can volunteer and donate to support our art programs through Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 5.