Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens

Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens

Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens connect people with healthy food as a keystone to a healthy lifestyle. The campus is home to a 40,000 square foot urban farm, a therapeutic garden, an aquaponics greenhouse and community gardening space that promote community well-being.

Food Box Registration

Sign up to receive a variety of affordable fresh greens and produce from our Farms and Gardens. Boxes come in sizes for individuals and families and are available for pick-up on Wednesdays.

Weekly Farmers Market

Between June and October, Dahlia Campus hosts a farmers market from 4pm - Sunset.

Learn About Our Partners

Click here to read about the organizations we've partnered with to make Dahlia Campus Farms & Gardens a success.

Take a Tour

Tours are offered on Tuesdays at 3pm. Reach out to schedule a tour of the aquaponics greenhouse and community gardens.

How We Make Things Grow

The Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens brings together four partner organizations to provide expertise and passion for building a robust food pipeline in Northeast Park Hill. Together, we make fresh produce and fish available to the community while learning and sharing about the healing and restorative quality of growing food.

Farming Partners

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Dahlia Campus operates an aquaponics greenhouse where we grow produce and fresh fish year-round.

Aquaponics is a sustainable farming solution that recirculates water from fish tanks through vegetable grow beds.

Nutrients from the fish waste feed the plants and the plants filter the water to keep the fish healthy.

Get Involved

Dahlia Campus invites the community to help our gardens flourish by volunteering. For more information on volunteering, click here.

Double Up Food Bucks


Both the Farmers Market and Food Box program accept EBT and Double Up Food Bucks. Learn more about Double Up Food Bucks here.

Email: greenhouse@mhcd.org

Address: 3401 N. Eudora St.

  Denver, CO 80207

Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am - 5pm

Tues & Thurs: 8am -  7pm

History of Northeast Park Hill


Click on the video to the right for a brief history of Northeast Park Hill and to find out why Dahlia Campus Farms and Gardens fulfill a critical need.