Come visit our in-ground farm, aquaponics greenhouse, or take an exercise class. Improve your well-being by nourishing your body.

The Mental Health Center of Denver's Dahlia Campus offers everything from an in-ground farm to exercise classes for your body's health. Check out the list below to get started.

Place an order in advance for pickup at Dahlia Campus on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm. Select from seasonal produce, fruit and protein options including fish from our greenhouse. 

You can also subscribe online to a weekly order of fresh greens and produce, available in individual and family sizes. 

Aquaponics is a sustainable farming solution that recirculates water from fish tanks through vegetable grow beds. Nutrients from the fish waste feed the plants and the plants filter the water to keep the fish healthy.

In partnership with Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND),Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being is home to a dental clinic for children, providing oral exams, cleanings, fillings and other dental procedures.

Dahlia Campus hosts a whole series of exercise classes, from Intergenerational Zumba to Laughter Yoga. We give you the space to optimize your body's health and your whole sense of well-being.

Healthy Living is a community-based education and well-being program offering free classes for everyone in the Denver community. To request a class for your private group or organization, click the button below.