Evaluation Portfolio – About

The Evaluation team at the Mental Health Center of Denver engages in evaluation projects across the organization, adding value to our work at four levels.

Program Evaluation aims to measure and demonstrate success and provide recommendations for continual program improvement.

With many programs targeting improvements in population health, the Evaluation team is working to build infrastructure to understand the community-level impact.

Informing Public Policy

As portfolios of evaluation projects mature, our evaluation findings and recommendations seek to inform public policy in our community and throughout the nation. 

Culturally Responsive Evaluation

The Evaluation team strives to ensure that all evaluation projects are culturally responsive to the unique environments and population served by the program. As such, evaluation team members have extensive training in health equity, macro level social work, community health and are constantly expanding knowledge and understanding of social justice, institutionalized racism, and the specific Denver context.

Further, all evaluation efforts intentionally incorporate expertise and perspectives of program-specific key stakeholders including, but not limited to, individuals who receive services, community members, the Diversity and Inclusiveness team, and organizational partners. Particular attention is paid to recognizing privilege and informing the provision of equitable services to address healthcare and community health disparities.