Kristi Mock Wins Robert L. Hawkins Social Work Achievement Award

The Mental Health Center of Denver’s Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kristi Mock aims to make a difference every day.

And she does.

Kristi Mock, MSW, LCSW, has been named the winner of one of the University of Denver’s 2016 Graduate School of Social Work’s Alumni Awards: the Robert L. Hawkins Social Work Achievement Award.

“Not many people can spend more than 30 years working at one organization and say that they truly love what they do – I can,” Kristi said. “To receive an award for doing what I love to do, for doing what I feel called to do, is such a blessing.”

The award is presented to an alumni of DU’s Graduate School of Social Work who has demonstrated professional achievement by:

  • being named executive director, manager, chairperson of the board, or holding a similar leadership position within a social work agency or organization, or
  • reaching a level of prominence in education, practice, politics or another type of service, or
  • receiving national recognition in the field of social work.

“I think if you have asked me what made me passionate about social work early in my career, I would have said that in growing up, I was very blessed – in really every way – and I wanted to give back in a world that was kind to me, knowing that there are many others that it hadn’t been kind to,” Kristi said.

Today, after 33 years in the field (all at the Mental Health Center of Denver), her passion has grown to include the idea of opportunity: opportunity to work with great staff and the amazing people we serve, influence systems and structures, create new services and programs, and help someone have the life they dream of having.

Kristi continues to stay motivated by working with people who experience significant challenges, have significant vulnerabilities and still get up every day and put one foot in front of the other.

“Sometimes all their energy goes into just making it through the day, and at other times they are able to actively work toward their ideals and goals,” Kristi said. “Their strength and brave pursuits are always inspiring to me! My desire is to help smooth and illuminate that pathway from surviving to thriving.”