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If You Are Serious About Sustainability, Social Equity Can’t Be Just Another Add-On

Metropolis Magazine | January 6, 2020

In August 2018, the NAACP announced Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector, an initiative that addresses an uncomfortable truth: Sustainable design is increasingly a luxury commodity.

“Communities of color and low income communities bear the brunt of the impacts of unhealthy, energy inefficient, and disaster vulnerable buildings,” reads the NAACP’s statement. “Yet, as one looks around the tables or worksites of the sustainable and regenerative building sector, there is little representation of the populations most impacted by our current proliferation of unsustainable, inefficient, sometimes unsafe, and often unhealthy building stock.”

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Denver’s police partnership with mental health professionals likely to extend through 2020

Colorado Politics | December 19, 2019

Denver’s police department for the last three years has worked side-by-side with behavioral health clinicians to co-respond to 911 calls and treat people in mental distress more like patients than prisoners — an initiative likely to stick around, at least through 2020.

A $700,000 contract extension between the city’s Department of Public Health and Environment and the Mental Health Center of Denver to keep the co-responder program running through the end of next year advanced through City Council’s safety committee on Wednesday and will be brought forth to the full council in early January.

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Denver Police sees success by pairing behavioral health specialists with officers

9News | December 18, 2019

The Denver Police Department said it's seeing success by pairing behavioral health specialists with officers while responding to 911 calls. Wednesday, the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment, which helps oversee this program, told the city council that the co-responder units answered 1,725 calls last year.

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