Frequently Asked Questions


Recovery Measures

Our four instruments measure recovery from multiple perspectives and dimensions. When you join Reaching Recovery® you can use one or all four of our instruments to link outcomes to service effectiveness and system transformation. This process gives our partners a comprehensive picture and a standardized method for examining effectiveness of services and outcomes.

Recovery Needs Level®

The Recovery Needs Level assigns the right level of service intensity to a client at the right time. 

Recovery Marker Inventory®

The Recovery Markers Inventory is completed quarterly by a staff member to measure client progress in areas that "tend to correlate" with an individual's recovery.

Promoting Recovery in Organizations (PRO)

The PRO: Promoting Recovery in Organizations is a client survey addressing how well specific staff in an organization are promoting recovery.  

Consumer Recovery Measure

The Consumer Recovery Measure is completed by the client on a quarterly basis. It captures the client’s perception of recovery.