Reaching Recovery


Reaching Recovery

We Believe Recovery is Possible for Everyone

This belief underlies everything we do, and we’re dedicated to helping other organizations with similar visions through our Reaching Recovery® program. This program offers consultation services to other community mental health centers moving toward a recovery focus.

In addition to consultation, we provide four recovery measurement tools to others.  The tools measure mental health recovery.  We are excited to have partnered with Netsmart Technologies to integrate the tools directly into the clinician’s workflow and consumer’s lifestyle by embedding the tools into Nets-mart’s CareRecords as well as Netsmart’s patient portal and kiosk. The tools are also used through a web-hosted system for any organization regardless of an EHR. To learn more about this partnership watch a recently recorded webinar.

Webinar: Staying Competitive with Recovery Focused Outcomes

Join us May 1, 2018 at noon eastern time for a new webinar. This webinar will showcase the only statistically reliable mental health recovery outcomes used nationwide.  The outcome instruments enable organizations to explore the most efficient allocation of time and resources with the most successful results.

Our Services

Recovery Measures

Four mental health recovery instruments that allow organizations to measure consumers' recovery. Learn More


Consultation on building recovery and well-being into your system of services. Learn More


Specific workshops and training on instrument implementation and the use of the data. Learn More

Recovery Measures

Our four instruments measure recovery from multiple perspectives and dimensions. When you join Reaching Recovery® you can use one or all four of our instruments to link outcomes to service effectiveness and system transformation. This process gives our partners a comprehensive picture and a standardized method for examining effectiveness of services and outcomes.

Recovery Needs Level®

The Recovery Needs Level assigns the right level of service intensity to a client at the right time. 

Recovery Marker Inventory®

The Recovery Markers Inventory is completed quarterly by a staff member to measure client progress in areas that "tend to correlate" with an individual's recovery.

Promoting Recovery in Organizations (PRO)

The PRO: Promoting Recovery in Organizations is a client survey addressing how well specific staff in an organization are promoting recovery.  

Consumer Recovery Measure

The Consumer Recovery Measure is completed by the client on a quarterly basis. It captures the client’s perception of recovery.