Addressing the Needs of Underserved Populations through Community Involvement

Prado, L. M. & DeRoche, K. K. (2008). National Council Magazine, Vol. 1. Page(s): 20-21.

The striking disparities in access, quality, and availability of mental health services for racial and ethnic minorities have been well documented and broadly reported in recent years. Embracing community diversity in research, development, delivery, and evaluation of services has been a key initiative of the Mental Health Center of Denver. The initiative, based on the principles of cultural competence, involves the recognition and understanding of the diverse values, norms, and needs of a community and integrating that knowledge into services that are accessible and relevant to that community.  MHCD has engaged the use of a Community-Based Participatory Research model (CBPR) – a collaborative approach that engages and involves community members in the design, implementation, evaluation, and reporting of research efforts.  A case study, Voz y Corazón, is described in this article.


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Resource Topics: Prevention & Early Intervention Keywords: Voz y Corazón, Underserved Populations, Community-Based Participatory Research Model, Cultural Competency