Using Internal Evaluation to Aid Appointment Scheduling Practices: Increasing Capacity, No Show Rates and Staff Kept Rates

Linderman, J. & Louderman, M. (October 2014). Denver, CO.

Results are presented from an internal evaluation done with a community mental health center, measuring changes in service delivery after having transitioned to a same day scheduling system.  Number of admissions per month, no show rates and staff kept rates were chosen as key indicators and compared before and after implementation of same day access scheduling practices.  Over eighteen months since implementation, 55 more consumers per month on average have been admitted, a goal for staff kept rate has been met (92%) and no show rates have been reduced from 15% to 14% with results pending from a second phase of implementation.  This project exemplifies the utility of an internal evaluation of service delivery in influencing organizational decision making as well as the importance of engaging internal stakeholders (clinical staff).  Results of this evaluation will inform service delivery and scheduling practice changes for other health service organizations. 

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Resource Topics: Quality & Process Improvement Keywords: community mental health center, same day scheduling, no-show