Right Start for Colorado

Right Start for Colorado

Right Start for Colorado is an Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health initiative partially funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Right Start for Colorado is a new initiative that aims to expand infant and early childhood mental health services across Colorado communities by building statewide workforce capacity for professionals serving young children birth to 5 years of age. Right Start for Colorado will provide no cost/ low cost trainings to clinicians and allied providers across the state on numerous infant/early childhood mental health principles and practices, including relationship-based, developmentally specific evidence-based treatments.

August Training: Diversity-Informed Tenets for Work with Infants, Children & Families

Join us for a full-day workshop, at no cost, offered by Right Start for Colorado. The  Diversity-Informed Tenets  for Work with Infants, Children, and Families are a set of guiding principles that raise awareness about inequities and injustices embedded in our society. The Tenets empower individual practitioners, agencies and systems of care to identify and address the social justice issues intricately intertwined with all infant mental health work. The Tenets are rooted in belief that self-awareness and intentional action are the cornerstones of principles of equity and inclusion. The Tenets are a product of the Irving Harris Foundation Professional Development Network.

Registration is required and is limited to the first 75 registrants. 

What is Right Start for Colorado's Vision?

Right Start for Colorado's goal is to create alignment among all different sectors and organizations working on behalf of infants and young children and provide some game-changing work that advances the infant mental health landscape in Colorado."

-Dr. Shannon Bekman, Director of Right Start for Colorado

The two long-term outcomes Right Start for Colorado aims to move the needle on with this 5-year grant are:

  • To have a strong and skilled statewide community of mental health professionals with expertise in infants and young children that can meet the social-emotional needs of young children (ages 0-5) and families across Colorado.
  • To have a robust allied provider network that understands infant/early childhood mental health and feels competent and supported in identifying and referring very young children for appropriate assessment and intervention.

Who is Right Start for Colorado's Statewide Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Workforce?

Very young children interact with many different systems and sectors. The infant/early childhood mental health workforce is inclusive of far more than mental health clinicians. It includes all professionals who frequently work with the birth to 5 population. Our aim is to support these professionals in their knowledge and skills to be “infant mental health informed.”  

Allied Professionals

The allied provider network is critical to ensuring very young children are promptly routed to clinical services when challenges first arise and are most amenable to treatment.

  • Pediatricians and Primary Care Providers
  • Early Care and Education (ECE) professionals
  • Child Welfare Professionals
  • Home Visitors
  • Early Intervention providers
  • Public Health Nurses
  • First Responders
  • Guardian Ad Litems, CASA & Family Court Judges
  • Policymakers
  • Clinicians who do not specialize in infant mental health (adult psychotherapists who want to understand when a parent’s mental or behavioral disorder affects his/her relationship with the young child)

Clinicians & Consultants

  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists
  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants
  • Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists

What Trainings will Right Start for Colorado Offer?

Right Start for Colorado will provide a mix of trainings suitable for various audiences. Some trainings will be focused more towards clinicians who provide treatment services to the 0-5 population, and others will be geared towards providers wanting a better understanding of what infant mental health is and how it intersects with their professional role.

Trainings will include:

All of our trainings will align with the competencies for Infant Mental Health Endorsement®


We Want Your Input

Right Start for Colorado is conducting a statewide needs assessment to inform our workforce development training plan. We want to understand what trainings will be most helpful and where in the state trainings will be most useful. What do you need to better serve the birth to 5 population? 

Participate in our upcoming needs assessment, and let us know what type of training you'd like to see. Please be on the lookout for this needs assessment coming in Summer 2019.

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Right Start for Colorado

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