Sanderson Apartments Library Filled by Donors

Contributed by Lauren Anderson, Development Officer of Philanthropy


Generous donors recently filled the Mental Health Center of Denver’s Sanderson Apartments library with hundreds of books.

“We want this to feel like home,” said Roberta Payne, one of the six donors.

In addition to Roberta, Cindy Rasmussen, Hannah Schechter, Pam Troyer, Elizabeth Holtze and Robert Phillips curated the collection of reading material for the library.

Sanderson Apartments opened this past August and is home to individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness in Denver.

A Safe Place for Reading and Socializing

Sanderson Apartments Library Donors sit on couches among books they have donated
Photo courtesy of Lauren Anderson

The library is comfortable and relaxing, with a fireplace, cozy chairs and window seats with individual lighting. It’s also a gathering place where residents can interact and increase their social, mental and spiritual well-being.

Fiction and nonfiction books fill the shelves, including biographies, auidobooks, mystery novels, poetry, religious texts and more.

Residents can check them out, and they can even keep them.

Interested in adding to the collection? If so, contact Lauren Anderson, development officer of philanthropy, to learn how you can donate your books.

About Sanderson Apartments

Sanderson Apartments provides individuals with Permanent Supportive Housing – a nationally recognized method proven as a solution to end homelessness. The strategy involves combining housing and services, so people can live stably in their communities.

The building includes 60 one-bedroom, furnished apartments with on-site amenities. In addition, it was designed to provide an open, inviting environment that minimizes the effects of trauma, avoids a sense of confinement and ensures residents feel safe.