Thank you to our Supporters!


The Mental Health Center of Denver’s Development Office is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Growth – Enrichment – Recovery campaign.  We have reached and exceeded our $8 million goal! This campaign began with our Gifts of Hope Fundraising Breakfast in October of 2011 and we officially surpassed our goal as of June 30, 2014. 

The campaign had three funds:

           Landmark Fund to support the renovation of the Recovery Center

           Community Fund to support expanded services in all areas

           Outreach Fund to support continued outreach into our community


Many of you contributed to this campaign either through a gift or pledge at our Gifts of Hope Fundraising Breakfast, one or more individual gifts, or an ongoing gift through a workplace giving program.  We are so very appreciative of that support. 

We have also received exceptional support from many of our local foundations who value the focus we are placing on good mental health for our community.  We are living in a time when much media and political attention is being paid to mental illness – and not all of it good.  Our goal is to shift that discussion to the value of good mental health including prevention and early intervention, a hallmark of our child and family programs. 

Let me share the impact this campaign has had on the work we are doing in our community:  approximately 40% of the campaign went toward our Landmark Fund which supported the completion of the Recovery Center.  This clinical site has been a true beacon of hope for the adults we serve in our community.  Since its opening in July of 2012, the numbers of adults we are serving has grown by over 40%, the best measure of the campaign’s success.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.  If you have questions about the campaign or about giving to the Mental Health Center of Denver, contact Barbara Shaw, Director of Fundraising, at 303-504-6727 or


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