COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

We are committed to providing services to the people throughout our community who need them, while protecting the health and safety of our staff and the people we serve.

We have transitioned from in-person services and in-office administrative activities to remote operations, as appropriate. This model will be in place for the next three weeks, and at that time it will be evaluated to see if it needs to continue. During this period, we are suspending all volunteer activities until a return to normal business operations. 

We have provided resources for managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19 on our webpage.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Mental Health Center of Denver. We appreciate our volunteers whose commitment and support makes our work stronger and our communities healthier.

Generous people like you help us achieve our mission of improving lives and minds by focusing on
strengths and well-being.

One-time Volunteer Opportunities

If you still want to volunteer with the Mental Health Center of Denver, but don't feel like you can commit to a long-term opportunity, we invite you to register for any of the one-time volunteer events listed below. You may sign up for as many one-time volunteer opportunities as you like.

Market Farm First Saturdays

Support the well-being of Dahlia Campus in the Northeast Parkhill community by volunteering on the Market Farm the first Saturday of each month. Volunteers will work alongside our farmers and food distribution specialists, providing valuable skills related to growing and distributing food in a community setting.

To register, click on the date of your choice. You will be directed to an external sign-up sheet.


Celebrating Our Volunteers

Phillip Galaviz had never regularly volunteered in his community before. Now, he works at the farm stand or aquaponics greenhouse at Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being two times a week.

Phillip Galaviz volunteers at Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being’s aquaponic greenhouse. “There’s something to be said about helping others and being engaged to see the difference that you’re making happen in real time,” he said. “To me, that’s what volunteering is. It’s that human connection.”

Supporting Suicide Prevention

A tragic event in his life propelled him to get involved with volunteering, and it’s now a big part of his life. A friend of his named Ali had died by suicide.

So, Phillip wanted to support suicide prevention efforts. He found out more about Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being through his friend Jenna Smith, Aquaponics Manager at the Mental Health Center of Denver, and learned about the organization’s suicide prevention efforts and resources.

Phillip decided to give a financial donation to our organization and was inspired donate his time and talents to make an even bigger impact. 

“Helping others is an outward expression. It’s human nature and our natural ability to want to be engaged and involved,” he said. “If you can step out of your bubble and find something to do for someone else, there’s a shift that happens.”

He volunteered at Dahlia Campus’ annual fish fry last June, and then he started volunteering at the farm stand on Wednesdays and the aquaponics greenhouse on Fridays.

“Now I’m a regular face around here,” he said. “I really just want to do as much as I can.”

Phil GreenHouse

Frequently Asked Questions

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For additional information or questions, please contact Amanda DeGruccio at (303) 504-6732 or amanda.degruccio@mhcd.org.